Hi guys!

You may recall last year that I mentioned I was attempting to get tickets for Glastonbury 2017? Well, I succeeded and just a little over a month ago I was in the beautiful 32 degree heat of Somerset enjoying one of the best festivals on the planet.

So, Glastonbury. Oh, Glastonbury.
I can’t really formulate just how different, spectacular and massive Glastonbury is but I’ll give it a go. Firstly, there are 180,000 people who take planes, trains, cars, buses and bikes to get to the glorious location of Worthy farm. 180,000 people is A LOT, by anyone’s standards and the atmosphere is incredible. It’s so unlike other festivals I’ve attended Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, crowd, child, outdoor and naturewhere I’ve turned a corner to see a drunken 18 year old throwing up or I’ve been pushed, shoved and accidentally involved in a mosh-pit. Kat, one of my Glastonbury companions mentioned that the average age of a Glastonbury goer is about 34, which makes the vibe of Glastonbury so chilled; I was not pushed or shoved anywhere and did not witness someone peeing on my neighbours tent. There was just a good all-round vibe; from the positive message of “leaving no trace” on the farm to  the peace fields where we partook in the Guinness world Record of the biggest peace sign. Glasto is so versatile and welcomes everyone; it was fantastic to see different generations celebrating music and arts.


Speaking of the music and arts, I should probably mention some of my highlights. You Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, crowd and outdoorcan’t ignore the fact that Glastonbury hosts such a plethra of music and talent that there is pretty much something for everyone across its 86 venues. Without a doubt, Haim were my favourite act; an unstoppable trio of talent sisters who won at the talent lottery for their musical and performing prowess. If you ever get to see them, please do! Ed Sheeran and the Foo Fighters were of course massive headliners and up there in the highlight reel. I also rekindled my love for Busted who drew huge crowds to their slot and made me feel incredibly nostalgic. Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Jools Holland, Rationale, Gabrielle Aplin, Katy Perry and Halsey were just a few more of my favourites – I can’t possibly list them all!
There aren’t just the big acts to watch out for, there are so many stages you can catch live music or performances from. We saw an all dancing, all singing string quartet and a late night performance of acrobats on a spider construction which was mesmerising. There are also places to go ones the big acts have finished; namely Shangri-la. Shangri-la in the southeast corner is an amazing area which hosts all sorts of music, from dance and techno to folk bands playing in a variety of venues, right through until the early hours. I swear the fun never ends.

As I mentioned the weather was incredible, which was so fortunate as it gave us a chance to explore all Glastonbury had to offer in the glorious sunshine. The only downside to the heat was carrying our rucksacks for what felt like miles and trying to navigate our way to an empty space to pitch the tent. Even though I’ve pitched a tent in 40 degree heat before, it somehow seemed more difficult at Glastonbury when all you want to do is have a beer and get out and see the site. I guess I am being dramatic though, there are definitely worse places to be and worse tasks to do… It didn’t take us that long to get sorted thanks to Rachel and we were soon eating Greek, Indian and Thai food to regain our energy after all that hard work…

The next five days were incredible and if it wasn’t for the impending fallow year, I’d have been at Glastonbury in 2018 in a heartbeat. Roll on 2019 for more mad, musical times in Somerset!



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