Oh Snowdonia

I tell you what, Wales is beautiful. Particularly Snowdonia. 

The reason I’ve been here, is to climb the second of the three peaks. I’m hoping to do all three within a year because I’m definitely not attempting do to them all in twenty four hours; my fitness levels are not there yet.

So, we set off a little later than expected from Chester-le-street and began the journey to the lovely town of Llanberis in our convoy or vehicles. Despite there being 11 of us, we only demanded one stop for junk food at a service station along the M62 and Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor, water and naturearrived my mid afternoon to get settled in. The weather was pretty sweet on our first day, especially for April, so we took a walk around the lake and up to Dolbadarn Castle for an explore. 

It would have been wise for us, the night before the climb to go to bed early, but we are not that wise. We headed out for tea, followed by a few pints which led to a fun night singing Kareoke. You guys are very fortunate not to have heard Nikki, Andrew, Carl and myself sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. It wasn’t pretty. The crowd were behind us at first because of our song choice, but by the time we reached the chorus, they were not so supportive…

The next morning we were up bright and early to get the bus to the beginning of the Pyg path for our climb. Sadly, the weather had changed. So as we climbed our way up the mountain, literally climbed some parts, the rain continued to pour.  

This was not a great time for me to get altitude sickness, but hey, when is anything ever straight forward with me? 

I had to stop about every 10 seconds as I felt like I couldn’t breathe (I swear I’m not being dramatic here), but thank god for Nikki, Andrew and Mark who stayed with me and pushed me through. I was so cold at one point but didn’t have the energy to dress myself so they dressed me instead, warmed me up and fed me jelly babies. Life savers. After a terrible struggle, we made it and everyone else who got there before us had waited in thecfeeezing cold and we were reunited at the top.  Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling

Post climb, we had a celebratory pint and a meal at the local Indian restaurant. Perfect. 

The next day we set off back home, which was fairly breezy until we discovered Mark 

left his bank card at the petrol station forcing us to add an extra 40 miles onto our journey home 😂 oops.  

So that’s, two down, one to go. Big thanks to Nikki for once again organising Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, outdoor and natureeverything and I’m super proud of all my guys and gals! 

I’ll let you know if I’ll be tackling Scafell Pike anytime soon! Xx


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