Day Trips

God, I love a day trip. I mean, who doesn’t love a good day trip?! I’ve been on quite a few recently, so I thought I’d fill you in on them. I’ve also been on some not so recently and I’m gonna fill you in on those too.

I’m quite fortunate that I keep a five-year-diary, so when I finally get round to blogging, I can tell y’all exactly what I’ve been up to 🙂


Day Trip number 1 was to Newcastle. It’s my hometown, so does it still count as a day trip? Meh, I’d say so, because I was discovering things I haven’t before. It’s kind of sad that you neglect the place that you’re from in favour of other cities and locations. I guess I take what is in my back garden for granted.

Image may contain: indoor
The Baltic

Anyhow, Lisa – you know Lisa – my beloved travel buddy and friend, drove across to Newcastle and we spent the day exploring. We were lucky, because it was a Sunday, so the Quayside Market was on with delicious food and cute stalls. I hadn’t been to the Quayside market since I was about ten, so it was a nostalgic treat 🙂 We also visited Ouseburn farm, which is pretty cool. It’s not too far from the Quayside and they have cows, sheep, rabbits, tortoises – a good mix of animals, which is pretty cool to see in the city centre. After that, we hit the Baltic – which is always a treat with the different exhibitions, plus the view from the top is just fab. THEN – I know, we’ve covered a lot – we went to Tynemouth for the rest of the afternoon 🙂 It was super cute just to walk along the beach, although they weren’t as warm or exotic as the ones we were both used to in Asia, they are still beautiful! After that, there was just enough time for a cuppa and more of a chat before we parted ways until our next catch-up.




Day trip number 2, was yet again local, but again somewhere I had never been before. The day started off with Park Run. For those of you who don’t know what Park Run is, it’s a free 5k run in that you can take part in, in your local area every Saturday morning.  Myself and a few others successfully completed the run, although my recorded time was atrocious -ah well. We then continued the day with a trip to the beach before going bouldering at Whickham Thorns. I’ve never been bouldering before and I we hadn’t even planned on doing so my clothing was less than appropriate. However, I went full swing into climbing whatever I could in whichever route I could, despite the fact I was kinda scared that I’d fall off. Luckily, I didn’t!


Day Trip number 3 was to Wallington Hall in Northumberland. Bobby, my friend, fellow Castle Crusader and History Hunter, drove us up to Wallington Hall to make the most of Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, sky, shoes, outdoor, nature and waterour National Trust Memberships. We’ve visited Cragside too; both of which are home to huge houses, filled with history of the families who once lived in them. Cragside was home to Lord Armstrong, a pioneer in hydroelectricity and his home highlights his forward thinking.
The houses at both Wallington  and Cragside are beautiful, but my favourite part of the estates are the grounds; they are simply stunning. Walled gardens filled with beautiful plants, alongside lakes hidden in the depths of trees. The scenery provides many photo opportunities, because it’s soooo pretty!

I’m sure there will be many more daytrips to tell you about soon, if it’s a sunny day, I’ll be out exploring!

Laters! X




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