Ho Ho Hi?

Hi guys,
I have come to realise that, as of late, I have been a terrible terrible blogger. I probably wasn’t much good to begin with, but in terms of keeping up to date, I have definitely been the worst. So I thought that whilst I have a bit of spare time, I’d write a bit about my feelings towards the festive season (I’ll update you on everything else on another occasion).

My own festive season has been pretty chaotic, I’ve had two work Christmas parties, multiple secret Santa nights, trips to different parts of the UK for pre-Christmas catch-ups and several games nights where I have not stopped laughing with my friends.
So, if you couldn’t already tell, I love the festive season; mainly because I get to be a socail butterfly and as energetic and annoyingly cheery as I normally am but no one seems to tell me off, because we’re allowed to be happy – it’s Christmas.
See, this is where it gets me. I get sad to think that people are only extremely happy around Christmas – that’s not to say that they explicitly are, I have no actual evidence or proof, but it just seems that people are happier. I just wish they were that happy all year round. Festive cheer should be all round cheer!
But I do acknowledge there are a lot of things that can help increase your happiness in the festive season compared to the rest of the year; extra days off work, more time spent with your favourite people, presents, food (ALL THE FOOD), alcohol :P, good telly, a lot of laughter and just generally people sharing more love. Keep it up if you can guys.

As much as I adore the festive season (I do own 5 festive jumpers and 3 hats) it is, ironically,  also the time where I feel my most vulnerable and unsettled. Before you jump to conclusions like my extended family do, it’s not because I’m single, it’s because I’m made painfully aware of how lucky I am and how easily everything and everyone I have could be gone. I think we can all agree to some extent that 2016 has been a bit of a bastard (let’s not mention elections). In the past two days, the deaths of George Michael, Liz Smith and Carrie Fisher have been announced, not to mention countless other famous faces who brought so much entertainment to our lives, and not to mention all the people we know in our day to day lives who have left us too. We spend so much time with our loved ones that as annoying as they can get, I’d like to think we appreciate them all the more, especially when such emphasis is put on family. It would be impossible for me to imagine a Christmas without my brother eating all the pigs in blankets, or hearing my parents squabble about how long to cook the turkey for. Sometimes, I say I hate Christmas because of the little squabbles and arguments over the remote control, but the truth is I wouldn’t have Christmas any other way and I pray it stays this way for EVER, despite my ninety year old Grandad declaring this will be his last Christmas (he’s declares this every year – he’s wrong).

Christmas seems to magnify emotions; the good and the bad. It holds a microscope over all we have and all we do. With the New Year approaching it brings me more uncertainty. Another year has passed. Another year where I’m not quite sure what progress I’ve made, if any. In typical fashion though, I will bury my head in the sand for the next couple of days and basque in the warm glow of friends, family and food. I’ll sort out my future when 2017 rolls round, right?

I hope all you guys had the most fabulous festive season with your favourite people.




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