A little change…

Hi guys!

I’m very, very delayed in telling you all this but, I got a new job, which is actually soon to be my old job. Kinda. It’s complicated.
Anyway, I decided to take a break from waitressing to try something different and more inline with my love of history. So, I got myself a job at English Heritage back in July. It’s a change of pace to what I’ve been used to but it’s pretty fab, fairly active and always fun. img_5680The downside is it’s only temporary, so I’m back to waitressing over the winter, but I am so lucky to have a constant stream of work that I enjoy despite the fact I have no idea what I want to do with my life!

Once again I have chosen a job that works with children. I always seem to drift this way; schools, play centres, summer camp and now “Hands on History” events team member. My first days of training were pretty epic; we got to explore quarry gardens, castles and Roman Forts as well as make play-doh insects and practice fighting like Romans. I mean, in which other job do you get to do thatNot many I suspect. It’s pretty perfect for me, haha.


img_5686Being part of events was so fun; throughout all of the summer holidays myself and a fab group of fellow “Hands on History” crew were running activities for families and kids and making Roman history exciting for them! We did “Archaelogical Digs”, “Handling Roman Objects” and a “Roman Drill”. We had such a range of kids who came to the events and hopefully had a good time, especially during the drill. You find out what sort of stuff you’re made of when you have to try and instruct fifteen children to be disciplined and orderly when you;ve just handed them their very own Scutum (Shield), Gladius (Sword) and Hasta (Spear) to use! Man, I just love history and the more interactive you can make it, the better 😀

Sadly, the summer had to come to an end and Hands on History Crew was no more. However, I was given the fab opportunity to become a Historic Property Steward and I obviously said yes. The job is pretty retail based but I’m learning more and more interesting things about the Romans, Hadrian’s Wall and Chester’s Roman Fort with each passing day. My favourite parts of the fort are the bathhouse and commanders house, plus the incredible museum which has over 2,000 artefacts and is beautifully curated.  You guys should also look up a guy called John Clayton; we have a lot to thank him for in terms of the preservation of Hadrian’s Wall and Roman Artefacts. I could write a whole blog post on him alone, but I’ll leave you to do a little research yourself. For any of you guys that live in Newcastle, Clayton Street is named after him!

Aside from the site itself, I love this place because you meet so many interesting people. We get visitors from all over the world; European, Scandanavian, Australian, American, New Zealanders and they’re all great to have a chat with. Oh, and my new colleagues are fairly lovely too – we have a really good team here. We’ve been on trips to Lanercost Priory and bowling too (I’m a pro). I’m sad that the season is drawing to a close but we’re off out for a Masquerade night this weekend to say farewell so that should be goooood!

So that’s about it really, there’s been “a little change” in my job circumstances but the plan is to get straight back into English Heritage as soon as the new season rolls around! I’ll keep you all updated. Now, I’m off to immerse myself in some history.



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